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Body Massage

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Mobile Body Massage Nottingham

Let us give you a thorough pampering! Our intense, luxurious treatments will encourage your body to pick itself up, firm your skin and release all the energy that's been blocked up inside you.

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An extensive professional consultation is provided before every treatment to ensure that your body receives the perfect treatment and the best results.

Choose between a half hour Chinese head, a half hour back, neck and shoulder massage or a whole hour Swedish full body massage.

A Chinese head massage is carried out with hands, elbows and forearms and the applied pressure is known to reduce anxiety, stress and depression and can even reduce blood pressure. A Swedish massage is the most common massage in Europe and involves warming up the muscle tissue with circulating movements, which releases tension and gradually breaks up knots and adhesions.

You can book any of our massages at your home or work environment.

Body massage
All massage is ladies only unless it’s a couples booking
Chinese head massage (pressure point massage, ideal for stress relief) 30 mins £35.00
Invigorating foot massage 30mins £35.00
Relaxing hand and arm massage 30mins £35.00
Back massage 30 mins £35.00
Deep tissue back massage 30 mins £35.00
Back hot stones massage 30 mins £35.00
Indian head massage 30 mins £37.00
Swedish full body massage 1 hour £55.00
Full body hot stones massage 1 hour £55.00
Full body deep tissue massage 1 hour £55.00
Full body sports massage 1 hour £55.00
Full body massage, concentrating on tension areas using a blend of aromatherapy oils 90mins £80.00

To make an appointment or to ask any questions, call or text 07901 672 022.